If you decide to invest in solar power, you will be making a long-term commitment.

While the initial cost can often be steep, it often pays itself over time via tax incentives and the savings you make on your power bill. To calculate how much you will save over time, the first goal is to understand how durable are solar panels.

Most solar panels come with a warranty of 25 years. Thus, you can expect your solar panel to last for at least that period. However, most solar panels continue to function long after the warranty expires, albeit at a lower efficiency. In most cases, solar panels lose about 1% efficiency each year they are in operation. Thus, by the time you need to buy a replacement solar panel, you will still have about 75% or more efficiency remaining. Besides that, it has been shown that over 80% of solar panels last well beyond the warranty period.

This article will cover everything you need to know about solar panels, the parts that need maintenance, and the life span of solar panels.


The Parts that Need Care

The over two-decade lifespan of a solar means that it will make economic sense eventually. Depending on where you live and the tax rebates offered, the solar system could pay for itself in just ten years.

Thus, how long is outlast might not be that important. Rather you should concentrate more on the maintenance. This will ensure that you get optimal performance from your solar panels. It will lessen the time it takes you to recoup your investment.

However, the solar panels themselves will need very little work. The most you will probably ever do is keeping snow off solar panels. However, other parts might not last as long. These parts such as the inverter, which converts the DC to AC power, might need repairs and maintenance.

For instance, most inverters have a warranty for about 10 years. This is almost double, how long the solar panels are supposed to last. However, the inverters will not just slow down like the panels, they will simply shut down.

This used to be the case but new technology has recently come along. These are called micro inverters. They are installed for each solar panel and they can last for up to 25 years. Thus, they might be the right choice for you.

However, even with the cost of buying a new inverter, you will still be saving a lot of money over the life of the solar system. For one, you will be able to lock the cost of electricity in your home for many years in the future.


Getting the Right Warranty

Sometimes, you might find damaged solar panels for sale. Without the right warranty, you might end up having to buy a completely new unit in just a few years. To ensure you do not pay for broken solar panels for sale, always check the warranty terms.

In general, there is usually an equipment warranty and a performance warranty. The equipment warranty ensures that they cover the full cost of replacing broken solar panels for sale. The performance warranty ensures that your panels must produce power above a certain limit.

If you find damaged solar panels for sale, which do not produce enough power, you can get them replaced. In some cases, this might entail solar panel glass replacement. However, always look at reviews online before you use a given company. This ensures you do not fall into a trap where you pay for various costs such as solar panel glass replacement out of pocket.


How to Take Care of Your Solar Panels

Just as any equipment left outside exposed to the elements, solar panels will suffer damage if there is no proper care for them.

Even when you understand how durable are solar panels, you can extend their life and performance by many more years before you have to get a replacement solar panel.

Some tips to think about are:

Use a Trusted solar Provider

The solar industry in the US has been around for a while now. During that time, clear winners in the solar industry have emerged. It is important that you choose equipment and installer that are known for quality. The good thing about using an established company is the reliability. For instance, if the solar system needs replacement parts, you can be assured of getting the parts with ease. It will also ensure that you can get the warranty terms fulfilled, unlike a small company that might go out of business soon.

Keep the Solar Panels Clean

A simple but effective method to ensure your solar panels give you the best output and last longer is keeping snow off solar panels and other debris. Ensure that you clear any overhanging branches near the panels that deposit leaves, which affect the performance of your panels.

If your panels are obstructed or have been damaged, get in touch with an expert. Modern solar companies will have someone arrive at your home in a few hours or days. Do not attempt to fix complex issues yourself since you might cause more damage.

Ensure the Solar System is monitored on a Regular Basis

Most companies will offer routine checkup of once or twice a year. Ensure that solar panels are always inspected according to schedule. Modern solar systems can last long if an issue is detected early. However, the longer it continues to affect performance, the longer it will take you to recoup the investment.

Take Care of the Solar Batteries

Batteries are a crucial part of solar energy systems. By taking care of them, you can extend the lifespan of solar batteries. This is true even for low-maintenance batter such as Li-ion batteries. It is important they be inspected about twice or thrice a year.

The lifespan of solar batteries varies from 3-10 years. This is reflected in the warranties issued by manufacturers. If you do not take proper care of them, they can fall apart in the first year.

For example, lead-acid batteries have to be recharged fully after use or it will permanently affect how long is outlast. They must never be kept for long periods with no power.

Most of the existing deep cycle batteries today, can last for 5-15 years based on use and care. Besides that, ensure that an expert does the installation to ensure proper installation.

In short, ensure that the system is designed perfectly from the start. Solar moving figures parts are few. Thus, the only damage that happens will most likely occur due to human error. Even if you are not an expert, you can educate yourself online on what things you need to check for on a regular basis. When you see a major problem, you can contact the technician.

Accounting for Loss in Efficiency

Since solar moving figures parts are so few, it is unlikely that the solar panels will even need replacement before 25 years. During that time, you might have even moved houses and sold the house for a premium due to the solar system.

However, the loss in efficiency might mean it no longer covers your needs. If the system loses too much capacity, you can always add capacity. However, always try to buy all part from the same manufacturer. This will ensure that they are compatible and there is no loss in efficiency.



Solar systems are quite durable and reliable. As a result, they have a zero carbon footprint by the time they retire. If you love clean energy and wish to save money on your electricity bill, consider getting solar panels installed.