California Solar Tax Incentives

The solar tax incentives in California top the charts!

With a nickname like the Golden State, it’s no surprise California is the #1 solar state in the country. Thanks to California’s many solar incentives and state initiatives, it’s become a leader in clean energy. Here, we will show you all of California’s best incentives – and how you can maximize your energy savings, solar power and money.


California Solar Tax Credits, Incentives & Rebates


Federal Solar Tax Credit (ITC) – 30% savings of the total system cost

Local Utility Solar Rebates – $0.20 to $1.25 per watt

Other Programs Offered – Varies (Net Metering)


Additional Rebates from your Local Utility  

Both the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) and the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, offer significant rebates to individuals who have implemented solar energy – based on the estimated performance of their home solar system.

Once the utility company is able to calculate the estimated production of the system, they will give the homeowner a one-time payment good for 20 years of production.


Federal Tax Credits

In addition to California’s stellar solar incentives, you’re also eligible for Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC), if you’ve purchased your solar system upfront. This tax credit amounts to 30% of the total cost of purchasing your system, after deducting the value of your state’s rebates. That said, it is important to understand that after 2019, ITC credits will begin stepping down from 30%. Any solar system put in place after 12/31/2019, will receive a 26% credit. And, any home solar system put in place after 12/31/2020 will be eligible to receive a 22% credit. That’s why the time to go solar is right now!