Going Solar in Texas

The best solar companies, plus tax incentives, rebates & savings in Texas.

Here are the best solar companies in the state of Texas, plus an outline of incentives, Texas state tax credits, federal tax credits, net metering, and financing options available to people in Texas looking into going solar!

Top Rated Texas Solar Companies

12702 Toepperwein, Suite #230 Live Oak TX 78233

1320 Post & Paddock St #500 Grand Prairie TX 75050

3900 Drossett Dr Suite H Austin TX 78744

440 E St Elmo Rd Suite B Austin TX 78745

Texas Solar Tax Incentives

Everything’s BIGGER in Texas – including the benefits of going solar!

According to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), Texas ranks as a top 10 state for solar. It’s no wonder, as this state has some of the strongest sunshine in the country and lower-than-average solar costs. Going solar in the state of Texas is more rewarding than ever, thanks to some incredible solar rebates and incentives.

Texas Solar Tax Credits, Incentives & Rebates

Solar Savings & Their Value

Federal Solar Tax Credit (ITC) – 30% of the total cost of your solar equipment

Local Utility Solar Rebates – Varies. Anywhere from $0.113 to $1.20 per Watt (W)

Other Programs Offered – Varies (Net Metering)

Additional Rebates from your Local Utility

Texas does not offer a statewide solar tax credit or solar rebate program. That said, many local governments and utility companies offer great incentives to homeowners who decide to go solar. Here are some examples:

Austin Energy

Residents in Austin, TX can get a rebate that ranges anywhere from $0.50 to $0.80 per Watt (W) of solar power installed in your home. Additionally, you’re eligible for Austin Energy’s Value of Solar Tariff, a program that pays homeowners $0.113 for each and every kilowatt-hour (kWh) your solar panels are generating.

CPS Energy

Anyone in Texas who is a CPS Energy customer can receive up to $1.20 per Watt (W) of solar panels installed on your roof.


Homes that are powered by Oncor are eligible for a cash rebate of $538.83 per kilowatt for their solar panel system installation. That comes out to an average of $0.54/W. In addition, since Oncor customers are not eligible for Net Metering, they are eligible to receive a $0.2519/kWh credit for the solar electricity their home generates.

Guadalupe Valley Electric Cooperative, the City of Sunset Valley and Garland Power

These companies also offer rebates for any homeowners who go solar in their areas.

Federal Tax Credits

Homeowners who are considering going solar, better not forget about the federal tax credits associated with it! As one of the best incentives in the country, you’re able to reduce the amount you pay in taxes by 30% (of the cost of your solar panel system). So, if your system costs you $10,000, you’ll be able to claim a $3,000 credit on your federal taxes.